The Benefits of Selling Cactus Jack’s Beef Jerky

Jerky Sells!!!

What every School, Coach and Board Member looks for are quick efficient ways to bring money into their program with minimal effort. We have the answer for you… Cactus Jacks’ Beef Jerky – 100% Beef. Rather than having your members sell candy, cookie dough, or wrapping paper, your guys and gals can sell Cactus Jack’s Beef Jerky to their family and friends and make a very nice profit for your organization.

Why sell our Jerky?? It is very simple, people love beef jerky…the benefits of selling Cactus Jack’s opposed to…

People easily refuse them because of the sugar and calories. Cactus Jack’s Beef Jerky is guilt free, won’t cause cavities, no melting, and no sugar rush. Plus, beef jerky is approved as a healthy snack by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Not only is it expensive, but the majority of those who purchase it will put it in the freezer and forget about it. With our jerky your family, friends, and neighbors will buy the jerky, eat it, and then buy some more!

Just like cookie dough (but more expensive) your family and friends will buy it as a courtesy and may use it, but the reality is: it’ll sit around. Our irresistible beef jerky will be eaten! Friends and family will buy it as a snack, for lunches, for road trips, and etc. Cactus Jack’s Beef Jerky is sold fresh and has a shelf life of 12 months, so they can buy a case and eat it whenever they want!